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By signing below, I hereby acknowledge that When training has been completed, my name, picture, email/phone may be posted (i.e. website, social media) as a contact on the TransformationServices, Inc accounts, if future students wish to ask questions regarding my educational experience. I may be agreeing to supervise students in a clinical setting for tuition waiver for CEU hours, or some of my course answers may be used as examples for other students. If I am enrolled in a government (DVR etc.) paid DISTANCE course, I also understand that if I don’t check in weekly for 3 weeks, or if I am registered for the IN-PERSON, have repeated tardiness and/or 3 unexcused absences this may dis-enroll me from this course, and re-enroll me in the next scheduled one. There will be a cost TO ME for this re- enrollment. If I am making financial arrangements, signing here becomes a contractual agreement, per payment receipt.

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835 N 23rd Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233