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Client Testimonials

"Education/Training, and Guidance are the foundation of TransformationServices which provides the skills necessary to change your life path. As an ex-offender, I feel lucky, I was able to complete the course, take the test, and I passed! I now have a career with my own caseload of clients, and I have a business plan in the works for my next step..."
~Ruth C.
ResCare Workforce Services (National)

"I found the advice easily understood, even inspirational-she clearly had years of experience working in the field and it shows".
~Thomas B.

"As a professional, I wanted a different training experience that would help me with increasingly diverse and challenging clients- especially in the area of case management. TransformationServices was a great resource".
~ Carmen P.
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

"I have contacted Dr. Hicks via her on-line advice column, and found her to be easily accessible, professional and a great resource!
~Malcolm Y.

"I am extremely interested in doing my AODA education through your program. Even before reading bio I was drawn to your program and now that I know even more, it just makes it all the more certain! What are the titles of your children's books? It would be great to incorporate them into our school library."
~Jill J.
Madison Metro School District (In-State)

"I am a consultation client of Dr. Hicks' and have watched her business (and mine) grow exponentially..."
~Greg O.

"Always available always right on time with her advice!".
~Deneen W.
Cedar Hills Michigan Montessori (Out of State)



Do You Need Substance Abuse or Mental Health Treatment?

Are You Interested in Becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor and Finding a Job in the Field?


Our Philosophy and Vision

TransformationServices, Inc. uses a holistic approach to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling, incorporating a healthier physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle. Since 1995, the Healing Garden component of our treatment program has had available an outdoor alternative, allowing clients to learn and practice effective stress management techniques. A walking track seen from our roof, and a naturalistic location for therapy offers a calm oasis in a busy urban locale. This provides a setting for the development of effective wellness strategies that until now for the client have been self-destructive choices (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food etc). We now offer the Healing Garden for both staff and students.

Our facility GreenCircle offers a growing environment that also supports a Social Entrepreneurship Model for Professionals and Professionals to Be. We believe strongly that our "Treatment to Training", "Peer to Peer" approach is transferable, given the new Affordable Care Act, and Mental Health Parity Laws. Transformation Services, Inc. feels the now required access to care will only augment and enhance the demand for our services. From Jobs to Business Ownership, we believe in assisting those who want to start or remain in the health care field, the tools to become fully participating member of their communities-locally, regionally, and nationally.

For Individuals, Businesses, Community, and now the Government, TransformationServices, Inc. offers a 360 Circle of Support.

For Individuals

For Businesses

For the Community

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